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General Practice FAQs

Why Membership?
MVP Medical Care is not your standard family practice and not an urgent care; Dr. Sosnowski is focused on your long-term wellness, not one-time visits and treatment of the symptom of the day. We operate on a membership model which fosters increased patient-physician interaction and the building of enduring relationships. Our work on behalf of our patients is on-going, to include lab analysis, development of individualized wellness plans, e-mail and tele-medicine consults, patient education and more, and the membership model best represents our ideal of the patient-physician relationship.

How much does it cost?
We charge an annual fee comparable to other concierge practices to provide direct access and personalized services, including Functional/Integrative, family and sports medicine. The fee enables us to provide care custom-tailored to your specific needs. Please contact us for a plan that’s right for you. We offer monthly and quarterly payment options, and discounts for annual payment. We also offer discounts for multiple family memberships as well negotiated rates for company and corporate memberships.

Is the annual fee covered by my insurance?
MVP does not accept insurance for our services, and annual membership fees are not typically covered by most insurers. Check with your insurance provider to determine if your annual fee can be reimbursed by your HSA. MVP Medical Care concierge membership is not a substitute for health insurance, and we encourage our patients to carry health insurance pursuant to their particular needs.

What's included in the annual fee?
Benefits of practice membership include an annual, executive-level physical (typically a 2-hour visit) which includes patient screening, EKG, extensive blood work analysis (external lab fees additional), shot records review, and a personalized wellness plan. Membership also includes direct physician access via phone and email, remote prescription refills, after-hours access to Dr. Sosnowski, and coordination of care and hospital admissions. In-home visits and courtesy emergency visits for visiting friends and family members are also available (additional fee may apply).

How many patients are accepted?
Patient panel will be capped at no more than 450 per provider.

What if I need lab analysis and X-rays? 
MVP can draw samples and send to the appropriate labs for analysis, and the bulk of their fees are typically covered by your insurance. MVP can also refer you to an appropriate location for X-rays. If you’re paying cash MVP has negotiated lower pricing with some participating labs.

What if I have an emergency?
MVP Medical Care is a full-spectrum primary care practice and can provide for most of your routine and non-emergency medical needs. MVP can also consult with emergency room and hospital staff to provide you the best possible care. Simply provide any emergency or hospital physician Dr. Sosnowski’s telephone number and she’ll coordinate care and follow-up.

How does the Direct Care practice differ from a regular practice?
A Direct Care practice provides medical services for a retainer fee, does not accept nor bill any insurance companies for the care the patient receives over the course of a year. This allows the physician to spend as much time with the patient as needed, and avoid the “drive by medicine” typically encountered in a regular medical office. Direct Care membership includes an extended, annual physical and follow-up exam, provides 24/7 access to the physician by cell phone and/or email, and allows for same-day appointments – no long waits. Membership ensures that you have ACCESS to your physician, and that the FOCUS is on your NEEDS and your RELATIONSHIP with your doctor – NOT on bureaucratic red tape and insurance reimbursements.

How does it work?
In a Direct Care practice, the physician gets paid whether the patient sees the physician for a visit or not. The annual fee maintains a spot in the practice and guarantees that when the patient needs a visit that (s)he will be seen on a same day basis as needed and that (s)he will be able to have an Executive Physical yearly with Follow-up.

What are the limitations of a Direct Care Practice? 
HMO patients or AHCCCS patients, or any of the patients on government sponsored health insurance for the underinsured (does not include Medicare, but DOES include Medicaid). If you are not sure what insurance you have, or if this includes you, read the INSURANCE section, and if your question is still not answered, call our office at 480-588-7787.

How many times can I be seen by the Dr. Sosnowski per year?
Laws mandate a limited number of visits in a direct care practice to avoid being classified as a health insurance company and falling under insurance company regulations. This Direct Care practice has an annual visit limit, dependent upon membership level. It’s always possible to have additional visits as necessary for a nominal fee. E-mail, phone, and virtual visits do not typically count towards this visit limit.

How long can I spend with the Dr. Sosnowski per visit?
As long as is needed. Please let us know ahead of time if you know you are going to need an extended visit (an hour or more). Typically each visit is planned to last 30-45 minutes dependent upon the issues addressed.

Can I get a refund?
Annual memberships start on the day you enroll. Contact our office to discuss a prorated refund for unused membership fees.

Home Care Practice FAQs

How does this practice work?
The rules are the same as the Direct Care practice except that the patients are in Assisted Living Centers instead of visiting the doctor at the office. The doctor will generally accept patients who are not far from her home or office, making it easier to make the trip to their location. The typical plan is to see each patient once monthly unless there is a change in the patient’s status (there appears to be some illness starting, cough, fever, etc) at which point the doctor will attempt to see the patient that day, and if unable, will make arrangements for the patient to be seen urgently as needed. If the patient needs hospitalization, the doctor will do so within her admitting hospitals if possible, or will open communication with the admitting physician. Communication will be maintained with the family at all times. The care home and the family will have the doctor’s cell number. Insurance issues work the same as for regular patients.

Insurance FAQs

What is the difference between an HMO, PPO or POS insurance?
An HMO insurance plan, or a Health Maintenance Organization, is one in which a set number of doctors are included in the group and these doctors are paid by the plan to care for all the patients over the course of the year. Each doctor is paid a set amount of money per month per patient whether they see the patient or not. The Primary doctor that has been assigned to each patient is the only doctor that can order tests for that patient, and the types of tests that the doctors can order are limited (this is one way in which this HMO type practice is supposed to save money). Many physicians refuse to see HMO patients because these types of insurances don’t reimburse physicians very well for patient care. PPO or POS insurance, Preferred Provider Organization or Point of Service plans are essentially Fee-for-Service Insurances. These plans pay the physician for the services the physician provides after the physician sees the patient. If the physician is a Preferred Provider (meaning listed as part of the plan) the patient pays a lower percentage of the visit – perhaps 10% – verses perhaps 20% or 30% if the physician is a non-participating provider.

Why won't HMO insurance work?
It won’t work because your assigned Primary doctor has to order all lab tests and referrals, outside physicians can’t order tests or referrals or collect money from your HMO.

If you have any additional questions, please give us a call at 480.588.7787. For your convenience, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Sosnowski by using our online Request an Appointment form.

Healthcare Designed Around Your Needs

Whether your lifestyle dictates the need for concierge-style 24/7 access to your personal physician or direct access medicine for yourself or your family, you'll find it here. Highly focused personal care from a board-certified family practitioner with more than two decades' experience. Known as the valley's premier provider of integrative and functional medicine, Dr. Sosnowski has a strong reputation for investing inordinate amounts of time getting to know, diagnose and treat her patients.

Patient Reviews

This was my first visit with Dr. Sosnowski and it was the most thorough physical I have ever had. My appointment was scheduled to be two hours so that we could go through all my medical history and have a physical exam. It was so nice to be able to have someone really listen to you and answer your questions. Dr. Sosnowski was knowledgeable and thorough. I left with a few things to implement now while we have lab work done (also very thorough and extensive) and a plan to move forward towards good health.

A Doctor's Personal Story


by Jennifer J. Sosnowski, MD, FAAFP, ABoIM, IFMCP

"My personal struggle in overcoming six years of chronic daily migraines was the catalyst that led me to become an expert in functional and integrative medicine. My exasperation with the conveyor belt approach of today's mainstream medical industry inspired me to launch MVP Medical Care. My focus is on you, the patient - insurance companies don't dictate your care."