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Simple Secrets to Being Happier in Life

Life is an experience that should be enjoyed at all times. But due to the pressures of work or when real-world problems set in, we tend to forget this. However, there are simple ways to improve our mood and make us happier people.

Many experts say exercise is not only good for our body but it also works wonders for our mind, particularly in the center of our brain that is associated with happiness. Have you ever wondered how physical activity could improve your mood?

One of the simple ways to boost your mood is to take a stroll and spend time with nature. According to a recent study conducted by researchers from the UK, people are considerably happier when they are in natural environments. For people in urban areas, taking a stroll in the park can produce this wonderful result. Feeling stressed out? Make plans to go outdoors with family or friends over the weekend. Spending time with nature can improve your well-being.

Want to shed excess pounds while feeling good about yourself at the same time? Go for a run. Research shows exercise can increase the brain's production of feel-good, happy hormones called endorphins.

Meditation is also known to lower stress levels. Yoga and meditation exercises that focus on proper breathing are also associated with lowering the likelihood of depression as well as improving sleep and emotional well-being.

And don't forget to get enough sleep each night. It can lower stress levels while improving mood.


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Whether your lifestyle dictates the need for concierge-style 24/7 access to your personal physician or direct access medicine for yourself or your family, you'll find it here. Highly focused personal care from a board-certified family practitioner with more than two decades' experience. Known as the valley's premier provider of integrative and functional medicine, Dr. Sosnowski has a strong reputation for investing inordinate amounts of time getting to know, diagnose and treat her patients.

Patient Reviews

This was my first visit with Dr. Sosnowski and it was the most thorough physical I have ever had. My appointment was scheduled to be two hours so that we could go through all my medical history and have a physical exam. It was so nice to be able to have someone really listen to you and answer your questions. Dr. Sosnowski was knowledgeable and thorough. I left with a few things to implement now while we have lab work done (also very thorough and extensive) and a plan to move forward towards good health.

A Doctor's Personal Story


by Jennifer J. Sosnowski, MD, FAAFP, ABoIM, IFMCP

"My personal struggle in overcoming six years of chronic daily migraines was the catalyst that led me to become an expert in functional and integrative medicine. My exasperation with the conveyor belt approach of today's mainstream medical industry inspired me to launch MVP Medical Care. My focus is on you, the patient - insurance companies don't dictate your care."